Big Hair Beauty

Goals and Objectives

Work Completed

With her sights set on claiming her stake on shelves and in the showers of curly girls who want to embrace their natural texture and beauty, Melissa, founder of Big Hair Beauty, wanted a go-to content strategy and editorial calendar that she could easily pass off to her team and ensure they would maintain the brand’s tone, personality, and values while creating content that would connect with her dream customers. After our work together, Melissa had enough content ideas and outlines to leverage across her various social sites for six months. 

+ Brand Messaging Strategy and Tone of Voice Development

+ Competitor Analysis

+ Blogging and Social Media Strategy

+ Editorial Calendar Development


"I was thrilled to have found Danielle because she got our business values and objectives from the get-go. I can’t believe how much she understood who we are as a brand, what we wanted, and where we’re going. After having consultations and working with other people to sort our content strategy, it was so refreshing to work with someone who very quickly made me feel like I was in good hands." - Melissa Sinclair | Founder and Director of Big Hair Beauty