Soulmate Skin

Goals and Objectives

After opening her spa, Maria, owner of Soulmate Skin Esthetics, was ready to refine her brand now that her business was underway and growing. After crafting a tagline that captured the essence of what she offers her clients both in the name of her services and the results they provide, we went on to develop a new subscriber nurture sequence aimed at attracting new clients and converting them to loyal, repeat bookings. Additionally, we also recrafted the copy on her menu to simplify her offerings and better communicate the benefits of her services.

Work Completed

+ Tagline Development

+ Service Menu Design and Copy (Click to read the full copy.)

+ New Subscriber Welcome Sequence Copy (Click to read the full copy.)

+ Email Template Design



"Danielle is very easy to work with, and very receptive and responsive to questions, concerns, and suggestions. Since working with her on the content in and around my business, I've experienced increased confidence and pride in the professionalism my image and brand portrays." - Maria Hansen | Owner of Soulmate Skin Esthetics